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Introducing Nyl-One®, recycled nylon yarn and fabrics made from discarded fishing nets ethically purchased from Thailand's local fishing communities.


Our goal for Nyl-One® is to give life to discarded/used fishing nets as well as other post-industrial and post-consumer nylon wastes and turn them into durable and sustainable nylon products for the consumer market -- creating a circular economy for used nylon.

Where avoidance is not possible, optimizing is the way.

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"NYL" pronounced "new", represents our goal in providing a new approach to the traditional nylon supply chain and a new alternative for nylon consumers.

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"ONE" is an acronym that stands for Optimizing Nylon Ecosystem.



It is estimated that 640,000 tons of fishing nets are discarded into the ocean each year.

There are also no operational pressure or financial incentive for fishermen to collect used fishing nets - it is easier and cheaper to discard used fishnets at sea.

If not addressed, the ocean pollution caused by discarded fishing nets could destroy local fishing communities and the ecosystems at large.

Let's change that.



Nyl-One® is a pioneer initiative by  PSD Group, with over 27 years of experience in the production of nylon yarns in Thailand. We are passionate about studying the supply chain of nylon yarns and finding ways to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the nylon life cycle.


We are certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) for recycled nylon and certified by the Standard 100 of OEKO-TEX.


Located in the Chonburi, Thailand, we are perfectly positioned to be the hub for the collection of discarded nylon fishing nets, with close proximity to the Chonburi fishing regions.

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Our Prducts


recycling process

From discarded fishnets and other nylon wastes to renewed garments and other products.

Being a vertically-integrated group of companies, we are uniquely positioned to execute full end-to-end process of recycled nylon, including knitting and producing finished garments using Nyl-One® recycled nylon fabrics. Our 30 years' of experience in spinning, knitting and apparel-making enable us to combine technical recycled fabric innovations with precise knitting expertise.

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We begin the process by buying used fishing nets directly from the fisherman communities, giving them a financial incentive to stop discarding and collect. 

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Cleaning / Shredding

Fishing nets are washed to remove mud, sand and salt residues. Throughout this process, all wastewater is filtered and reused. Clean nets are then shredded down into smaller pieces.

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Shredded nets are fed into a melt extruder and processed to produce 100% usable recycled polymer pallets . The pallets are ready to be used to replace virgin plastics to produce consumer goods.

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Spinning / Texturing

The polymers pellets are spun into recycled nylon yarn and textured to produce high-quality and ready-to-use yarn. 

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Knitting / Weaving

Nyl-One® yarn are knitted or weaved into various fabrics, with both fashion and function in mind.

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Finished Products

Nyl-One® fabrics can be made into a number of products, including apparel, bags and home furnishings.

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Our Nyl-One yarn and fabrics would like to become part of your next collection. Consumers want it -- the environment needs it. We are vertically integrated and can assist you in every step of the design process, from choosing the fabric, to pattern-making, to finished products, making it easier for designers and brands of all sizes to work with us.

Designers & Brands

Our initiative can go farther with the support from the private and public sectors. If you would like to support or collaborate with us, please email us at

Corporations & Government

Your favorite brands are listening and are driven by consumer preferences for more sustainable alternatives. Be the change you want to see in the fashion industry.


How you can get involved
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